About Vericant

Who We Are

We are a team of China and international enrollment management experts who are dedicated to transforming the face of international admissions and assessment. We believe that verbal communication plays an integral role in the success of international students studying abroad. With that being said, we have found that there is nothing quite as effective at assessing verbal communication as a face-to-face interview. Our goal at Vericant is to help admissions offices better evaluate each of their applicants — regardless of distance or time zone.

Our Purpose

MEASURE WHAT MATTERS — We aim to provide a way for schools to understand and measure what really matters. Through secured video interviews and language assessments based on the interview, we allow the true abilities of the candidate to be recognized. With each candidate possessing such unique abilities and traits, standardized testing is not always able to fully represent them as their truest self.  We believe that the Vericant Interview in combination with more traditional testing methods allows schools to understand their candidates more comprehensively than ever before.

Our Core Values



Integrity above all else. There’s nothing more important to us than the trust of the school and students we work with and so we are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of integrity at all times.


Get things done

We are resourceful, we work smart, and we always get the job done!


With customers and team members in multiple countries around the globe, clear communication is integral to our company.


Central to Vericant, not just because our founders met playing Ultimate Frisbee, but because we know that we achieve more as a team than as individuals.

Learn and Improve

At Vericant, we are always looking for ways to improve. Whether it’s our product, our company, or ourselves, we aren’t afraid to try new things and learn along the way.

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