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Admissions 2021


A conversation with Bowdoin College Associate Dean of Admissions, Ryan Ricciardi

与鲍登学院招生副主任,Ryan Ricciardi的线上交流会

June 16th, 2021 



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We think interviews are really wonderful. We highly encourage them, and there is no bad way to interview because when you interview and you think about being an authentic version of yourself, we get to know the person who is going to show up on campus, and that person is really interesting for who they are, not for any other reason. We’re not looking for you to have a “right” answer; we’re just looking to know you a little bit better.

[Understanding you as a] human being is the whole heart of the work that admissions officers do, and the more we know about you as a human being, the better. Interviews at Bowdoin never ever hurt you and I highly recommend you all to do it. You can do one through Vericant, and that’s such a great way to do it.

Ryan Ricciardi

Associate Dean of Admissions, Bowdoin College



Ryan Ricciardi

招生副主任, 鲍登学院


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Ryan Ricciardi

Ryan Ricciardi

Associate Dean of Admissions


Early Decision I: November 15

Early Decision II: January 5

Regular Decision: January 5


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