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Admissions 2021


A conversation with Fordham University Director of International Enrollment Initiatives, Monica Esser

与福特汉姆大学国际招生主任,Monica Esser的线上交流会

June 23rd, 2021 



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[The interview] is a great opportunity for us to get a more in depth knowledge of an individual student. Fordham gets somewhere around 45,000 applications every cycle and a small portion of those is international students, but the international students that are able to take advantage of an interview really have an opportunity to highlight themselves as an applicant in a way that someone who doesn’t submit the interview just doesn’t have. So, I’m encouraging of taking advantage of an interview opportunity when you have it because I think that you can really share with the school a little bit of your personality, some of your passion, some of what you would bring to the community in a way that maybe doesn’t come across as clearly in the application. And, we look at so many applications, [the interview] is actually a way to stand out.

Monica Esser

Director of International Enrollment Initiatives, Fordham University


Monica Esser

国际招生主任, 福特汉姆大学


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Monica Esser

Monica Esser

Director of International Enrollment Initiatives


Early Action: November 1

Early Decision: November 1

Regular Decision: January 1


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