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Harvey Mudd College


Admissions 2021


A conversation with Harvey Mudd College Director of Admission, Peter Osgood

与哈维·穆德学院招生主任,Peter Osgood的线上交流会

August 14th, 2021 



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For an interview that we get from Vericant, we will be happy to look at those and get a sense of the student's engagements, what things they get excited about, how well they communicate; those are all very helpful pieces.

Peter Osgood

Director of Admission, Harvey Mudd College

我们非常高兴看到来自维立克的面试视频,我们从面试中能了解学生的参与度,并能获悉他们对哪些事情充满激情以及他们的沟通能力。 这些对我们都是非常有帮助的。

Peter Osgood

招生主任, 哈维·穆德学院


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Peter Osgood

Peter Osgood

Director of Admission


Early Decision I: November 15

Early Decision II: January 5

Regular Decision: January 5


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