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Higher Education Institutions

An institution will say that things are optional, and they are. But optional usually means strongly recommended… I am not a Chinese speaker and so even though the interviews are conducted in English, having people who can communicate with the applicants when there are very serious questions that they may have trouble communicating, is very helpful for us.

Jennifer Mathews

Senior Associate Director of International Admissions, Syracuse University

We really love to get interviews from our students, to help us see consistency in English language and your ability to express yourself, just like you would here in a classroom at USC.

Kevin Hostetler

Associate Director of Admissions, University of Southern California

I love to see Vericant Interviews and I would like students to send them as often as possible because they really help us in our evaluation process. Having an interview from Vericant is something that we look forward to because we’re actually able to look at the student as they are communicating and having that personal touch to an application helps us in our decision making process.

Jennifer Simons

Director of International Recruitment, Tufts University

The interview is one of the most telling factors of an applicant. It gives you the opportunity to share your story beyond what’s on paper, and helps us understand your personal passions and foster holistic learning about other cultures and peoples. The interview also benefits you and helps you learn more about our community, especially if you don’t have the chance to visit, and puts you in direct contact with the counselor with whom you’re going to be working throughout the college decision making process.

Sarah Kolosky

Senior Admissions Counselor, Ursinus College

Secondary Schools

[Interviews] really do [help] in terms of our assessing fit and getting to know you as an individual, whether those interviews are through Vericant or in person. That’s one of the best parts of the process, is getting to watch those, or talk to you, and get to know you better. Peter Curran

Assistant Head of School for Enrollment and Communications, Blair Academy

It [Vericant interview] is really helpful for us, and I totally did not expect them to interview students in such a clever and unexpected way. Through the video interview, we can understand the applicant’s English speaking ability more fully. I have to say, it’s really a great idea. It’s definitely a good thing for Chinese families and students, because now we can remember their names and faces out of thousands of applicants. The Vericant video interview makes students far away in China seem as lively and vivid like they were standing in front of us.

Ben Douglas

Director of Admissions, Saint James School

The Chinese students applying to Ashville School are a diverse and talented group. Sometimes, this group is difficult to make sense of and evaluate. Vericant Interview helped us solve this problem. For schools, our time and resources are very limited. Vericant helped us greatly improve the efficiency of our assessment of students applying from China. In a sense, this is a huge improvement for our school itself.

Morgan Scoville

Director of Admissions, Ashville School

We learn a great deal from a student’s application, from school reports and essays, and grades and scores on standardized testing. But often the single most important part of the application is the interview. Unlike some of the other aspects of the application, the interview is about what the student might become in the next three or four years at the school that they will attend. So we look for characteristics and personality qualities that we think will be a good match for our school.

Stephen Downes

Admissions Officer, Tabor Academy