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Syracuse University(雪城大学)

Admissions 2020

A conversation with Syracuse University Director of International Admissions, Jennifer Mathews

November 14th, 2020


与雪城大学国际招生主任,Jennifer Mathews的线上讲座



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An interview is a really important chance for you to show the admissions committee more about you as a person and as an applicant. It shows us a little bit about your personality, about the things that excite you and motivate you, about your fit for our university in terms of your academic interests, so the interview provides a lot of information that tells us what kind of community member you will be, and that’s really important at a residential university like Syracuse.

Jennifer Mathews

Director of International Admissions, Syracuse University


Jennifer Mathews

国际招生主任, Syracuse University


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Jennifer Mathews

Jennifer Mathews

Director of International Admissions


Early Decision: November 15

Regular Decision: January 1


Admissions website: 


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