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The Vericant Spoken English Evaluation Diagnostic (SEED)

Evaluate your current spoken English level through conversation with native English speakers.

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What is Vericant’s Spoken English Evaluation Diagnostic?

A 10 minute Phone conversation with a native English speaker


A quantitative assessment of your current level performed by multiple, highly trained raters

A detailed report of your current level with feedback on how to improve

What does the report show?

The Vericant Spoken English Evaluation Diagnostic (SEED) is an evaluation of English language proficiency in a structured live conversation. The conversation is designed for communicative Spoken English Evaluation, with a native English speaker. Beyond just merely a score of technical language ability, the SEED is a comprehensive assessment of the grasp and mastery of English as a second language for the purpose of communications, a linguistic skill set crucial to any English language learner wishing to assess their current spoken English level. The SEED score is a report of your performance during the interview, helping you to better understand your current strengths in spoken English, and what you can prioritize in your study to achieve a higher score on your next interview.


A detailed report is sent directly to your inbox, with useful feedback on how you can improve you spoken English level.

The SEED interview and report is an incredible tool for your classroom! This report is conducted by a widely trusted third party assessment to gauge student’s progress in your class. After your students have received their SEED report, they will be equipped with specific feedback and areas to focus on in their English courses. Reflecting on a student’s performance during a live phone conversation with a native English speaker provides information on their confidence with English, their ability to use it outside of a textbook conversation, and will motivate them to work harder to reach their goal of communicating in English.

Vericant’s Spoken English Evaluation Diagnostic (SEED) adds value to your product. Vericant is a widely recognized third party assessment service that has been trusted by top boarding schools and universities in North America for years. Institutions value our assessment because it demonstrates how a student can interact and engage in an English environment, often predicting success better than other standardized tests out there. The best preparation for our evaluation is to be confident in your spoken English abilities, and our report will motivate students to keep working hard at their English to reach the comfort level they seek.

Vericant’s Spoken English Evaluation Diagnostic (SEED) is a unique opportunity for English language learners to both gain experience talking with native English speakers and receive customized feedback on how to improve. Vericant believes that English proficiency should be evaluated based on real interactions, not standardized tests, and a ten minute conversation with one of our interviewers reveals a genuine assessment of your current English ability for real world situations. After your interview, you will receive a report with details on the different categories we score you one, as well as qualitative feedback on what areas you can improve in. We hope the interview will reveal your confidence in English, and highlight the areas you can improve on so that you can go back to your studies more motivated and focused.

I would recommend this interview to friends. It will be very helpful for English learners of various levels.


SEED Interview Participant , China

They asked questions based on my previous answers. I think the questions were well designed.


SEED Interview Participant, Japan