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Clark University(克拉克大学)

Admissions 2020

A conversation with Clark University Senior Assistant Director of Admissions, Nick Porcella

November 9th, 2020


与克拉克大学高级招生副主任,Nick Porcella的线上讲座



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We really highly recommend interviews as part of our process and a student can sit for one virtually. We use interviews for a lot of different purposes. In some cases it’s to help assess academic readiness in the form of English language proficiency. Overall for Clark, trying to asses if you’re a good fit for our community…If we have interviews submitted through Vericant, we are trying to assess what is the student interested in, what is their ability to contribute to our community possibly. We really like interviews, we really again encourage students to sit for them. They can really tell us a lot about who you are as a person because there’s only so much that a piece of paper or in the case of your application, a digital file, can say. We want the most chances as possible to interact with you in person, as much as that can happen virtually.

Nick Porcella

Senior Assistant Director of Admissions, Clark University


Nick Porcella

高级招生副主任, Clark University


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Nick Porcella

Nick Porcella

Senior Assistant Director of Admissions


Early Action: November 15

Early Decision I: November 15

Early Decision II: January 15

Regular Decision: January 15


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