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Fordham University(福特汉姆大学)

Admissions 2020

A conversation with Fordham University Director of International Enrollment Initiatives, Monica Esser

October 21st, 2020


与福特汉姆大学国际招生主任,Monica Esser的线上讲座



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Students should really be themselves. We're absolutely not asking students to be impressing us with all sorts of difficult vocabulary or really complex ideas so much. We really do want to get a sense of the person you are and what kind of community you're interested in joining and whether that's a good match for Fordham. I think it's good to think a little bit about what you'd like to communicate to the university before the interview. You don't have to prepare answers to all sorts of questions and have that memorized - it does not have to be that formal. But think through what you would like us to know about your high school experience or about you as an individual because that's what you want to convey in the interview. A little thought there in terms of preparation would be great.

Monica Esser

Director of International Enrollment Initiatives, Fordham University

我认为学生应该做自己。我们当然不要求学生用特别难的词汇来惊艳我们或者表达非常复杂的想法,我们真的只想知道你是什么样的人,你对什么样的社群感兴趣 是否适合Fordham。我建议在面试之前花一点时间思考想和学校说些什么。你并不需要准备各种问题的答案并且背熟它们,并不需要如此正式,但你可以思考你希望和我们分享你高中时期的哪些经历或者关于你个人的故事,因为这是你想在面试中表达的,所以如果你能在面试前做这方面的准备那就是最好不过的。

Monica Esser

国际招生主任, Fordham University


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Monica Esser

Monica Esser

Director of International Enrollment Initiatives


Early Action: November 1

Early Decision: November 1

Regular Decision: January 1


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