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TOEFL ITP Plus for China 

Why is a school listed under “Vericant Non-Partner School (Delivery Pending)” in my Delivery Confirmation email?

  • If a school you have sent results to is listed under “Vericant Non-Partner School” this means the school has not yet created an account to receive scores.
  • If the school you delivered results to is on the official list of Institutions Accepting TOEFL ITP Plus for China, but the school name is still listed under “Vericant Non-Partner School” in your delivery confirmation email, it may mean the school has not yet enabled their account to receive scores. They will receive your results as soon as they enable their account.

Can I send my TOEFL ITP Plus for China results to a school not on the official TOEFL list?

Interview Results

When will I receive my interview results?

Result delivery depends on the package purchased by the student.

High School/Boarding School Interview: Vericant will send out results after 5 pm on either the fifth or tenth business day.

University/Graduate Interview: Vericant will send out results after 5 pm on either the 2nd or 3rd business day. 

Students will be able to view their interview results on their Vericant account.

How will the schools I'm applying to receive my interview results?

After the student receives their interview results, they can then log into their Vericant account and add the schools to whom they want to send their interview. The student’s interview results, including video interview, three page writing sample, and SEE score (high school applicants only) will immediately be sent to the Vericant partner schools added by the student. School users are notified by email when a student has sent an interview to them. 

Note: Be careful when adding partner schools, as students can only send one video to the school to which they’re applying. Once the school is added and saved, it cannot be modified or deleted.

Can I see my video and choose my favorite video to send to schools?

Students applying to High School/Boarding School:

Students applying to high school cannot see their video interview.  Some high school partner institutions only accept the first interview results; the remaining schools only accept the most recent interview and results. Click here for a full list of partner secondary schools. Students can choose to send a heart to their top three schools.

Students applying to undergraduate or graduate school:

Students applying to universities or graduate schools can watch all of their video interviews and choose which one to send to each school they add. They may also choose to highlight a section of their video, and can send a heart to their top three schools. This can be done from the “Interview Management” section on the student dashboard.

How can I apply for an SEE re-score? What is the re-score policy?
  1. Within one month after the date the interview results are received, students can apply for score re-assessment by sending an email to
  2. Within 15 business days after the date of student’s request for a re-score, Vericant is required to complete the re-score.
  3. If the re-rated score differs from the original score by more than 0.4 (above or below the original score), Vericant corrects the original score to the final score for the applicant and informs the student and the school.
  4. The re-score application fee is ¥980, and when Vericant confirms receipt of the payment by the student, Vericant will begin to re-evaluate the score. If Vericant decides to modify the final score after being re-rated, Vericant will refund the full re-score fee.
  5. After re-scoring and change of the final score, students cannot apply again for a re-score.
What happens when I send my video to a school that doesn't partner with Vericant?

Students are allowed to send their Vericant interview to any accredited school. However Vericant does not promise the interview will be considered along with other application materials when sent to schools that don’t partner with Vericant.

When sending to non-partner schools, we recommend students send schools a link to their Vericant Interview in addition to adding it through our school portal. After you add the school, select “Get Interview Link (Optional)” in the “Send to Schools” section of the interview management page on your student dashboard.
Note: In order to use this link you first must add at least one school. For schools to have permission to view your video with this link students must also add the school using Vericant’s “Add Schools” tool.

University and Graduate applicants: When you choose to send your Vericant interview to non-partner universities and graduate schools, our North American team will get in touch with the school. We will help to confirm they have received the notification and provide them with a free Vericant account to view the video.

What does sending a heart with my Vericant Interview mean?

Vericant allows students to send a heart notification along with their interview to a maximum of three different schools. Schools will see the heart and understand that this student used one of only three hearts to communicate their love for that school. Schools use this as a sign of demonstrated interest in their institution.

How to send a heart

1. Go to your interview management, select which interview you want to deliver, then select “deliver to school”.

2. After you select school(s), you will arrive at step three: “Sending hearts”

3. Your selected schools will show up on the left hand side, with an empty heart next to them. Click on the heart next to the schools you want to share a heart with.

4. You will notice once a heart is selected, your total count of hearts (below the school list) will decrease by 1. Remember you have only 3 hearts to send, so choose wisely!

5. Select next. You will now see the schools you have selected hearts for on the right side. You can select “Go Back” to edit the hearts, or select “Deliver to schools” to submit your interview video (and any hearts you have selected) to school(s).

6. You can go back and add hearts (up to 3 total) anytime, but you cannot remove a heart once you choose to deliver it to schools.

For more information about sending hearts, including our suggestions on when to send them, click here (scroll down for English). 

What is the Vericant Highlight Section? How do I choose a section of my video to highlight?

Students applying to undergraduate or graduate programs can highlight a section of their interview video for schools to watch first. This tool is found on the student dasbhoard under “Interview Management”.

Why should students choose to highlight a section?

Many schools wish they could watch the full length of every video interview they receive, but they usually do not have enough time. By highlighting a section of their interview, students can help admissions officers focus on the part of the interview that they feel shows something interesting about themselves or is important to their application.

The highlight section can be added, changed, or removed at any time. Even after students have delivered their video to schools.

For more information about the highlight tool, including step by step instructions, click here (scroll down for English). 

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Phone: +86 10 8485 6364


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