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Interview Results

1. When will I receive my interview results?

Depending on the package purchased by the student, Vericant will send out results after 5 pm on either the fifth or tenth business day. Students will be able to view their interview results on their Vericant account.

2. How will the schools I’m applying to receive my interview results?

After the student receives their interview results, they can then log into their Vericant account and add the partner schools to whom they want to send their interview. The student’s interview results, including SEE score, writing sample, and video interview, will immediately be sent to the Vericant partner schools added by the student.

Note: Be careful when adding partner schools, as students can only send one video to the school to which they’re applying. Once the school is added and saved, it cannot be modified or deleted.

3. Can I see my video and choose my favorite video to send to schools?

Students applying to high school cannot see their video interview. Also, some partner institutions only accept the first interview and results; the remaining schools only accept the most recent interview and results. Click here for a full list of schools.

Students applying to undergrad or graduate school can watch a portion of their video interview, and can choose which interview to send to schools.

4. How can I apply for an SEE re-score? What is the re-score policy?

  1. Within one month after the date the interview results are received, students can apply for score re-assessment by sending an email to
  2. Within 15 business days after the date of student’s request for a re-score, Vericant is required to complete the re-score.
  3. If the re-rated score differs from the original score by more than 0.4 (above or below the original score), Vericant corrects the original score to the final score for the applicant and informs the student and the school.
  4. The re-score application fee is ¥980, and when Vericant confirms receipt of the payment by the student, Vericant will begin to re-evaluate the score. If Vericant decides to modify the final score after being re-rated, Vericant will refund the full re-score fee.
  5. After re-scoring and change of the final score, students cannot apply again for a re-score.