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Vericant Pre-Interview


1. What is the Vericant Pre-Interview (VPI)? What is the purpose of VPI?

The Vericant Pre-Interview is a mock interview designed to help students understand what the Vericant Interview experience will be like, and is specifically intended for students who are applying to high school abroad for the Fall 2019 enrollment (or later). Just like the Vericant Interview, students will be interviewed by a trained interviewer in one of Vericant’s interview studios.

Some of Vericant’s partner schools only accept the first interview in their application, while others accept the most recent. Experiencing the interview environment will help a student feel more confident and ready for their official Vericant Interview.

2. If I take VPI, will my VI’s SEE score be higher than my VPI score?
It depends. Each person will have a different performance. The SEE score of each interview varies depending on the applicant’s overall performance. An interview performance will vary with each individual.
3. Who VPI is targeted for?
VPI is only targeted for students who are applying to high school for the Fall 2019 enrollment or later, and is especially targeted to applicants who need to submit their application at the end of 2018.
4. When can I register for a VPI? When does VPI start? Where can I do a VPI?
VPI registration opened on April 15, 2018. VPI starts from May 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019. You can do VPI in Beijing, Shanghai, or Shenzhen. Other interview locations may be available upon request. Please contact our office at 010-84856364 for more information.

5. How many times can a student do VPI in one season? Is there a wait time between each interview?
Students may take the Vericant Pre-Interview up to 3 times between May 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019. There is no minimum wait time between Pre-Interviews (students may take pre-interviews as close together as they want!).
6. Is there a wait time between VPI and VI?
There is a 15 day minimum wait time between the Pre-Interview and the regular Vericant Interview.
7. What is the price for VPI?
The price for VPI is 2380 RMB (10 day delivery). A fee is required for rescheduling. Interview cancellation policy is the same as VI.
8. What are the differences between VPI and VI?
The results from VPI cannot be sent to any schools. PSEE Score Indicator: a range is provided (e.g., 4.1 – 4.6) to help students predict the range their SEE score would have fallen into if they had done the Vericant Interview for that day. This will help students identify weaknesses and strengths in their Spoken English proficiency as they continue their language studies.
9. What is the VPI assessment standard?
In each season, VPI will use the same assessment standards that we have for VI.