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Interview Process

1. What should I be aware of on the interview day?

  1. The student needs to arrive 30 minutes before their interview is scheduled to start.
  2. On the day of the interview, the student must bring their signed confirmation form and valid ID (ID card/Passport). The ID must be the same as the one as the ID listed on the confirmation form. Students 18 and older should sign the confirmation form prior to arriving at their interview. Students younger than 18 should have their parent or legal guardian sign the confirmation form and should be accompanied to the interview by a parent or legal guardian.
  3. If the ID is lost or is being used for other purposes, please bring another valid ID and/or authorized documents issued by relevant departments on the day of interview.
  4. All Vericant Interview testing sites use a black background. Please avoid wearing a black shirt, especially an entirely black outfit. Additionally, avoid wearing dark clothes and/or shirts with pin stripes or checked patterns. (Suggested: Boys wear a collared shirt, with or without a tie; Girls wear a collared shirt or dress) Students with long hair should tie their hair back, so as not to interfere with the microphone and affect the sound quality of the interview.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to use any electronic devices during the interview, including but not limited to: mobile phone, blackberry, pager, pocket PC, Ipod, MP3 player, camera or other photographic equipment, or any type of timer. It is recommended that students not bring any electronic devices to the interview center. Students who are found using electronic devices at any time will immediately be removed from the examination room and will very likely have their interview canceled and the electronic device forfeited for inspection.

2. What are the parts of the interview and how long does it take?

The total interview process takes about an hour. This includes a 30 minute writing sample and a 10-14 minute video interview. The main components are as follows:

First section(30 minutes) Writing Sample
High school applicants:Choose 1 of 3 questions to answer
University and Graduate applicants:Choose 1 of 2 questions to answer
Second Section (High school applicants:10-12 minutes)
(University and Graduate applicants:12-14 minutes)
Video Interview
Simple conversation
Picture description
In-depth discussion
Chinese question(only for students applying to High school)
Free speech

3. Who will interview me?

You will be interviewed by a professionally trained, native English speaking interviewer. Vericant’s Interviews are conducted in strict accordance with standards approved by admissions officers.